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Wireless DVR networking – What’s all the buzz about?

April 26, 2017 | Author: Ibex Marketing

First off, “wireless” in this context means a lack of connection from the main Genie box to all Wireless Genie Minis (each Mini still needs 2 wires: a power outlet and connection to the TV). So, if you have a fairly large home, you won’t need hundreds of feet of wire to connect 5+ rooms. The only real drawback is reception. If there’s an extremely heavy wall or equipment between units, you may experience some buffering. So far, that seems to a very rare situation, so most set-ups should work just fine. Price-wise, an upgrade to wireless will run you a one-time charge of around $100.

Most folks forget DISH actually beat DIRECTV to whole-home wireless by a few months. Coined Wireless Joey, they work in a similar fashion to Genie. Swap in the wireless boxes, setup your network and you’re done. Upgrading to wireless costs about $50, plus your regular monthly fees.