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The Aesthetics and Usability of Program Guides

April 26, 2017 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Whether it’s a website, flier or DVR guide, design and function are critical to success. With DVR on-screen guides, it’s always been a mix of art and science. Anticipating your next move (or gently guiding you) comes with experience. On the flip side, poor user experience can be a VERY frustrating thing… just ask most cable subscribers. Both Hopper and Genie have award-winning guides, but there are subtle differences. Here are a couple tests I ran…

Search function – with the Genie’s guide, I found 10 different events (a sporting event, documentary, etc) in an average of 7 sec. DIRECTV has a very clean way of sorting by theme, team name, and more. Hopper took an average of about 9 sec. Pretty good, but those seconds add up.
DVR rescheduling – changing the end time or frequency of a previously recorded show/series usually takes a few steps, especially if there’s a conflict. We tried it for 5 different recordings on both DIRECTV and DISH (same exact setup on each). DIRECTV took a total of 1 min, 19 sec. while DISH clocked in at a slightly better 1 min, 2 sec.