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HDTV Displays

Welcome to the Displays section of the HDTV Resources listings. Here you’ll find a variety of links to sites where you can find more information and can purchase HDTV and home entertainment products. I have personally picked each of the listings for this page. I have also personally dealt with almost all the companies that you’ll find in the HDTV Resources listings, and recommend each one.

Recommended Retailers

Absolute HD
A new HDTV and consumer electronics site. I know one of the founders of this new site, who has had many years of experience in the display industry. I know that he is committed to excellent customer service, and in providing competitive pricing. Check out their current sale prices and you’re likely to find some attractive bargains.

What can you say about Sony? The Trinitron CRTs set the gold standard for televisions and computer monitors for a long time. Sony offers a variety of front- and rear-projection products, as well as direct view. Here’s a link to their online shopping site.

Best Buy
If you know what you want to buy, Best Buy is definitely one of the places you’ll want to check for comparison shopping. They have a wide selection of the major brands, and offer some good bargain brands as well.

PC Connection:
Okay, I’m going to date myself here, but I’ve been dealing with PC Connection since they were just a bunch of raccoons in the hills of New England (and I even still have a pair of raccoon mugs to prove it!) They’ve grown into a major mail order and online powerhouse for computer and consumer electronics.

Circuit City:
A broad selection and good prices are reason enough to check with Circuit City when you’re shopping. But the really cool feature is ordering online and then picking up your purchase at the local store. No shipping fees, no waiting for the delivery, just the thing for impatient buyers like me.
Overstock has it all, including a wide variety of TV and home entertainment products, all online. They also carry a lot of refurbished products that can save you tons of money over what you’d pay in a store.

Tiger Direct:
Their Web site claims that they have more than 50,000 items in stock. Having seen the fat catalogs that they keep sending me, I’m not surprised. And they have some great HDTV deals, both in major brand names and in some lesser-known labels that can offer attractive bargains.

Keep this in mind; Sears just about invented mail order. The company carries a broad line of major brands, both in nearby retail stores and on the Internet.

Additional HDTV Display Info

This site is the creation of Raymond Soneira, creator of DisplayMate, which is a professional software program that helps evaluate image quality on all sorts of displays. The link here takes you to his HDTV Display Technology Shoot-Out, which is a series of four excellent articles that will tell you more than you can imagine about testing image quality on displays. It’s a bit technical, but it’s the best writing I’ve ever seen on the subject.

Peter Putnam’s HDTV Expert:
Okay, you probably weren’t expecting to find a competing site listed here, but here it is all the same. You may recognize Pete’s byline in a number of major consumer electronics magazines. He’s practically a neighbor, what are the odds of that? and one heck of a nice guy. And he is truly an expert about HDTV. In fact, his reviews of HDTV products are just about the only ones that I trust. And if you’ve read what I’ve said elsewhere about how hard it is to write useful and accurate reviews, you’ll know that this is quite an endorsement. So if you want to know about specific HDTVs, check Peter’s site; you can trust what he says.

Insight’s Display Daily:
A display market research firm, and their Daily Outlook takes a provocative look at HDTV and other consumer electronics issues. I don’t always agree with them, but I read it every day.