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HDTV Content

Welcome to the Content section of the HDTV Resources listings. Here, we’ll profile my recommended content-driven websites. Some or all of these resources may also offer accessories and other miscellaneous items, but the focus here is on sites that educate and inform first, then provide you consumer options.

Recommended Sites

TiVo revolutionized television watching, much as Google has changed searching the Web. Both have become verbs; “Did you TiVo last night’s show?” There are other personal video recording options, but this is the one that got it all started, and the one against which all others are measured.

Amazon is the online marketing juggernaut that sells so much more than just books and CDs. The company carries a variety of consumer electronics products, including an assortment of digital video recorders and commercial DVDs. In my opinion, their true value is in their customer reviews. Probably the single largest repository of product review, they’re often my make or break on whether I choose a particular product.

Best Buy:
Over the past few years, Best Buy has undergone quite the transformation. A little to the online game (they were a few years late in building out a proper retailer online store), they took a bit of a hit. They’ve since stabilized, and become the posterboy for brick and mortor and online synergy. Education-wise, just walk into any store and ask a question…their reps are some of the most helpful and knowledgeable around.
As the name implies, it’s all about volume discounts. Most retailers would rather put their excess inventory on sale instead of housing them for months or years. Overstock was one of the first sites to capitalize on that model. Their shopping guides and detailed specs on each product make it incredibly easy to research each product and get comfortable with every feature and potential usage.

Tiger Direct:
Somewhat similar to Overstock, Tiger Direct focuses on margin discounts, with an emphasis on electronics. Nearly every product has a detailed description (with specs) or manual…all must-haves before I purchase.