Power up your entire house

By using the Genie HD DVR, your entire household can enjoy their favorite TV shows in any room, on virtually any device they want. You can even record up to 5 shows simultaneously, and store up to 200 hours of HD entertainment to enjoy later. Our all-included packages consist of an HD DVR upgrade along with monthly hardware costs for a 4-room setup.

Watch your favorite TV shows at your convenience

Genie allows you to watch the shows that have been broadcasted within the last 72 hours and restart live TV, so even though you might be running late but you will never ever miss a scene again.

Features available on select channels/programs. Internet-connected HD DVR (model HR20 or later) required.

Experience more of what you truly love to watch with Genie DVR

Save 5 shows at the same time to enjoy all the entertainment you like from DIRECTV. Genie can record nearly 200 hours of recordings which enable you to watch your most desired shows on your schedule.
Genie can also wirelessly work with up to 8 TVs in your house. This means that now you can watch your favorite TV shows in any room of the house inside or outside. Stop worrying about inconvenient wires or cable outlets. Enjoy HD entertainment on all your TVs. All you need is the Genie HD DVR to get started.

Experience real entertainment with DIRECTV's Genie HD DVR

Record, pause, rewind or delete television shows in any room of your house. Start watching a TV series in one room and complete it in another. Turn it on in the living room area, move to the kitchen, and finish watching your show outside the house. Regardless of where you go, Genie will help you stay entertained.
Using Genie you can enjoy watching movies or shows in 4 rooms simultaneously. You will not have to stress over taking turns anymore. Everybody in the house will be able to watch exactly what they want, whenever they want, whenever they want.
Stuck in traffic? Think you would miss the first 20 minutes of your favorite TV show? Don't worry! Just start the show from the beginning, even if you turn it on in the middle. With Genie, you do not have to wait for your show to complete recording before you can enjoy it.
Browse and set up your recordings a couple weeks ahead of time. Get ahead of the game and never forget to save your favorite game ever again.


Can’t make up your mind about what you want to watch?
Genie makes choosing what to watch really simple!
Now you can watch two channels simultaneously on one screen using Genie’s powerful
Picture-in-Picture feature.

Sports Priority

Benefit from all the amazing sports from DIRECTV. Genie gathers all your favorite sports programs in one place.

Season Selection

Save your preferred sports teams along with their matches to watch them play all season long.

Genie Suggestions

Get latest TV shows suggested to you based on the shows you already enjoy.

Leave the useless equipment behind and go wireless with Genie HD DVR

The Wireless Genie DVR makes it simple to enjoy recorded shows in just about any room of your home. Leave the cable cords and boxes behind. With wireless functionality, Genie DVR offers a no clutter solution.
Connect as many as 8 Genie Minis to one HD DVR and experience entertainment in every corner of your house — even areas that have no cable outlet. Genie Minis enable you to watch your favorite TV show in your bedroom or on the back patio.
With DIRECTV's HD DVR Genie say goodbye to extra equipment and say hello to wireless HD Entertainment.

Sports Lovers Paradise

A combination of channels on DIRECTV offer you with up to 8 sports broadcasts on a single beautiful HD channel. You will also get dedicated Mix Channels for NFL (with NFL SUNDAY TICKET) along with golf and tennis majors.

With DIRECTV’s latest HD DVR - Genie your TV wishes will come true!

Enjoy the ultimate home entertainment experience with the DIRECTV Genie. Call now to order today!