Your Complete Guide to Satellite HDTV

Learn more about satellite television and how it works.


Want the ultimate entertainment for the best value? Dish Network is waiting for you! Choose the right Dish Network plan for you!

Dish Network packages offer up to over 320 channels, featuring your favorite movies and sports. Not only do you get all of your favorite channels, you get 2500 hours of recording space to record your favorite shows on Dish Hopper! No additional HD fees! Order your free installation today, and get HBO free for an entire year!

There are multiple Dish deals to choose from. Your favorite shows and sports are waiting for you on Dish Network! What are you waiting for?

Flex pack - New!
The flex pack offers over 55 channels, and allows you to add smaller supplemental packages at a low cast
$39.99/per month
America's Top 120 Plus!
America's top 120 plus pack offers over 190 of the most watched channels! All channels available in HD!
$54.99/per month
America's Top 200!
America's top 200 pack offers over 240 of the most watched channels! All channelsnavailable in HD! this package is known as the best value
$69.99/per month
America's Top 250!
Amerca's top 250 pack offers over 290 of the most watched channels! All channels available in HD!
$79.99/per month
Dish Latino Plus
The Latino plus pack offers over 190 channels of spanish language programming All channels available in HD! The Latino plus pack also offers ten popular channels in English!
$47.99/per month

Start Watching all of Your Favorite Sports Today

With all the channels Dish provides, it can be hard to keep up with your favorite shows. That’s why you need the Dish DVR system, Dish Hopper! With Dish Hopper, it’s much easier to stay on top of them all! For only $10 a month, Hopper allows for 2500 hours worth of recording space so that you have time to catch up on all of the exceptional programming from Dish Network!

Why Switch from Cable to Dish Network?

When you have cable, you can’t record up to 2000 hours of your favorite shows. You can’t get the best service in rural areas. And you can’t get shows in HD for free. Dish Network can do all of that for you and more!

Dish network offers the best programming and shows that you want. Get up to 320 channels of the best shows, sports, movies, and more! Order your Dish Network package today to get HBO for free for an entire year!

With so many shows and channels, it can seem difficult to keep up with everything you want to watch. That’s why Dish Network offers the latest in mobile and DVR technology. Watch your favorite shows anywhere you are with the Dish Anywhere mobile app. You can access your recordings from Dish Hopper, the outstanding, award-winning DVR system that allows up to 2000 hours of recordings. The Dish Anywhere app can also be programmed to act as your remote.

Dish Network has the best equipment available on the market. Our dual-tuners allow for one receiver to operate two of your television sets. But with one receiver, you can still watch different shows on each set! Dish also offers 3D enabled receivers, so that you can watch any of your favorite, 3D-produced shows! Our receivers support 4K Ultra HD programming as well! If you live in an area that experiences inclement weather on a regular basis, don’t worry; Dish Networks’s signal has 99% reliability.

Dish Network’s customer service experience was rated above every major cable provider in the country by J.D. Power. Order today, and you could be eligible for free, next day installation!

When you order your Dish Network package today, ask about internet and home phone options. When you add internet/phone services from any of these providers to your Dish television package, you lower your cost for all three services. Not only that, but your life is easier when all three services come in one bill.

With lower costs and the convenience of one bill, bundling is your best option!

Learn More About Building Options!

Where will the dish be installed when I order my Dish Network package?

This depends on certain variables associated with your home, but ordinarily it is ideal to install the dish on an exterior wall or the roof. The dish needs to face south, southeast, or southwest. If the need arises, the dish can be installed on a pole set in a yard.