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Dish America’s Top 200 Package

Order Dish Network’s Top 200 Package today, and get free installation in up to six rooms! America’s Top 200 is the best entertainment for the best value!

Dish Network’s Top 200 Package offers over 240 channels, all available in HD! The Top 200 Package features channels not included in the Flex or Top 120 Plus Package. New channels include BET, Bravo, NFL Network, GSN, and more!

With the Top 200 Package, you get shows like:

  • Top Chef (Bravo)
  • Inside the NFL (NFL Network)
  • Queen Sugar (OWN)

What does Dish’s Top 200 Plus Package have to offer? Find your favorite channels below!

Want to reduce the cost of your home phone and internet services? Order Dish America’s Top 200 Package today, and you are eligible to bundle your television, phone, and internet packages! Bundling all three will not only lower your monthly bill, but will also provide the convenience of working with one provider!

Learn More About Bundling Options!

Not sure if Dish Top 200 Plus Package is the right package for you? There are other amazing Dish Network packages for you to choose from! Explore below!
Flex Pack
$34.99 Per Month
50+ Channels
America's Top 200
$84.99 Per Month
240+ Channels
America's Top 250
$94.99 Per Month
270 + Channels
America's "Everything" Pack
$144.99 Per Month
330 + Channels

Dish Network offers an abundance of exceptional programming, so much that it might be hard to keep up. Hopper 3, Dish Network’s DVR system, allows you to record up to 2500 hours of your favorite shows, sports, movies, and more! For only $10 per month, you can get the Hopper 3 with your Dish package today!

Don’t have enough time at home to watch your favorite shows? With Dish Anywhere, you can take your favorite television wherever you go! Dish Anywhere is Dish Network’s app that allows you to watch live, recorded, and on-demand shows on your smartphone or tablet. All the amazing Dish programming right in your hand!