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DISH Hopper vs. DIRECTV Genie

Satellite TV is an excellent service. It’s offered pretty much anywhere, and both leading satellite service providers—DISH and DIRECTV—offer competitive prices, excellent channel options, and ideal customer support. Furthermore, each of the service providers offer amazing DVRs.

As a lot of TV interaction takes place using DVR systems, it’s an important factor before you choose a service provider. If you’re determining between DISH Network and DIRECTV, we’ve dug up information and put together an evaluation of the two systems to help you make the right choice. We’ve incorporated a breakdown of the options they offer and the way these features can help make your television experience simply amazing.

Read on for all the information and determine which DVR is best for you! Check out our evaluation to get the best DVR which is available in the market.

DIRECTV Genie vs. DISH Hopper: Simply No Competition

Everybody understands that the ultimate way to experience your favorite entertainment is through a whole-home HD DVR system. Having said that, not every HD DVRs are the same. If you do a comparison of the DIRECTV Genie to the DISH Hopper you will understand why only the Genie can be described as DIRECTV’s most advanced HD DVR available in the market. For the best whole-home HD DVR experience, you should have the DIRECTV Genie.

Call today to change the way you experience your favorite entertainment using the DIRECTV Genie.

Nobody offers you entertainment like the Genie DVR system. And nobody gives you convenience to watch what you want like DIRECTV. The DIRECTV Genie allows you to enjoy all of your preferred television shows and movies in every room of your house. Find out the best way to take your entertainment to another level with the DIRECTV Genie and compare it with the DISH Hopper.

An Absolutely Amazing HD DVR Experience

Using the DIRECTV Genie you can have a complete HD DVR experience on every TV in your house with only one High Definition DVR. As a matter of fact you can link up to 8 rooms to one Genie through enhanced Genie Minis and make every room into a TV room. This means your family can watch, record, pause, rewind or delete TV shows from any room in your house. Through the Wireless Genie Mini you’ll be able to enjoy HD DVR service in bedrooms that have no cable outlet, even outdoors. In addition to this you can enjoy live or recorded TV in as many as four rooms at the same time so everyone is able to watch whatever they want, whenever they want.
Unfortunately, this option is not offered by Dish’s Hopper DVR system.

Browse the Latest TV Shows without Even Searching

The DIRECTV Genie incorporates state-of-the-art technology that can assist you in finding your favorite TV shows to watch even when you’re not browsing. Genie offers recommendations based on shows you previously watched so it’s effortless to find new movies or latest TV shows without the need to search for them specifically.

The DISH Hopper DVR provides Intuitive Search that allows you to search by title, actor and network.

Record Your Favorite Programs Sooner

No matter if it’s a major game or perhaps a season premiere, the DIRECTV Genie DVR enables you to set DVR recordings way before the DISH Hopper. As a matter of fact, with the Genie device you can perform a search and set a time to record your shows two weeks in advance to ensure you won’t be required to scramble to schedule a recording at the very last minute.

The Undefeated Champion in Sports

If you consider yourself a sports enthusiast, then DIRECTV is your best option, as DIRECTV is considered to be the undeniable frontrunner in sports entertainment. Get high quality sports packages like MLB EXTRA INNINGS®, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NHL® CENTER ICE® and much more. DIRECTV is also considered to be the only place where you can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET to enjoy every game, every Sunday.

In addition to this DIRECTV provides the most coverage of PGA golf, USTA tennis and MLS soccer.

Don’t let DISH network prevent you from being the true sports fan you really are.

A Lot More Channels In High-Definition

The DIRECTV Genie HD DVR device will let you get even more out of your HDTV as compared to DISH Hopper. That’s mainly because DIRECTV provides you with access to many more full-time HD networks than any other satellite TV provider – more than 195 channels! Watch more of your favorite TV programming in crystal clear High Definition resolutions of upto 1080p with DIRECTV service.

DIRECTV Genie Certainly Defeats DISH Hopper

Now that you have learned all about DIRECTV vs. Dish’s DVR technology you can easily make your decision. Call us today to get more information regarding all of the ways that the DIRECTV Genie is better than the DISH Hopper and to place your order for the best DIRECTV package for your residence.