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iTunes Does Digital TV

October 17, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing
Apple’s announcement last week of a new iPod that can play video did not get my pulse racing; it’s been possible to watch video clips on all sorts of portable devices for years. The big news that got my attention, however, was the deal with Disney to make video content from ABC network shows available to consumers through Apple’s iTunes service. Yes, you can play these clips on one of...

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Truth Patrol: Confused by “HDTV Experts”

September 30, 2005 | Author: Ibex Marketing
Source: “Confused? You’re Not Alone”, by Alex L. Goldfayn, Wild Blue Yonder magazine, Sep-Oct 2005, page 47-48 Quote: “They still sell TVs that are not high-definition. Don’t buy one of those, because soon, by law, all programming will be delivered in HD.” The Truth: Well, he got the first sentence right. But from then on, it’s a disaster. The law says that all terrestrial broadcasts will have to be digital...

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