HDTV Truth Patrol: I Want You!

In the early days of the personal computer, the market was ruled by FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Consumers didn't know who to believe, and they found conflicting and confusing information wherever they looked.

Sadly, the same situation is being repeated in the HDTV market. Lots of retailers have inaccurate statements in their advertisements. Manufacturers have misleading information in some of their marketing materials. And "experts" have written thousands of words in books, magazines, and newspaper articles, and many times they are just plain wrong.

I don't think that this is done maliciously – at least not the vast majority of it – but the fact remains that the truth about HDTV and digital TV and similar topics is getting twisted and trampled every day.

Now, I don't expect that I can reverse this flood of misinformation, but that doesn't mean that I can't try. If I can keep one person from being misled, and help them avoid making a buying mistake that could cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars, then it's worth it.

But I'd like to enlist your help. I'd like you to keep an eye out for published misinformation about HDTVs or digital TV or any related topic. If you find something that is wrong, or you think might be wrong, please send me the information. If it's printed, and you can send me a scanned copy of the information, that would be great. If you can't scan it, please send me all the details – date of publication, page, etc. – so I can verify the details. If it's a Web site, please cut and paste the offending part, and include a link to the whole page. If it's a sign or billboard, please send me a digital photo, and be sure to make it clear where and when it was taken.

Now, I don't expect you to do this for nothing, so I'm prepared to offer fame and glory in return. If you submit an example of published misinformation, and I post it as an HDTV Almanac entry, I will enter you into the ranks of Professor Poor's HDTV Truth Patrol, with all the honors and responsibilities that go along with the position. Okay, the honors consist mainly of getting an exclusive Professor Poor's HDTV Truth Patrol T-Shirt, which I will send to you (once I get your postal address). This is exclusive because there is no other way to get one. I won't sell them, and I won't give them away as promotions. These are going to be as rare as hen's teeth, and I probably won't give out more than a dozen or two a year. Oh, and you get to see your name and the item posted in the Almanac, which is also pretty special.

So keep your eyes open, and let's work together to banish FUD from the HDTV marketplace, and keep all those companies and writers on the straight and narrow. Together, maybe we can make a difference.

-The Professor

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