Cable vs. Satellite: Why Directv Beats Cable

When you think of long term rivals, what do you think of?

The Yankees and the Red Sox? That certainly goes back a while. India and Pakistan? Shout out to my fellow geopolitical nerds if that’s really what you thought of. Or since this is a television blog, perhaps your mind went to any one of the “Game of Thrones” conflicts happening at any time.

Any of the aforementioned examples could be cited as famous rivals. The one I want to talk about today is also a famous conflict, and that is cable vs. satellite. Specifically, cable vs. Directv.

Television watchers have been asking themselves this question for years and years. Should they go with a local cable company, or a satellite provider like Directv?

To be fair, there are solid cable providers and package out on the market. That said, there are a few characteristics that make Directv a clear choice in our eyes. Here are some of those characteristics.

Customer Service

What happens when you’re making a purchasing decision, and the two options you’re down to are incredibly similar? You probably start to think about two things: price and customer service.

When it comes to pricing, everything varies package-to-package, so much so that it is hard to effectively compare television service providers.

Customer service quality, however, is easier to determine. Every year, several organizations will conduct polls to determine which brands excel at customer service. One of those organizations is the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

When you look at the 2016 findings of the ACSI survey, you quickly find that Directv stands above cable providers *and* Dish Network for excellence in customer service. I could say that for 2015 as well. And 2014. And 2013. And it turns out that Directv has had the number one customer service ranking among television providers for sixteen years running.

It really is.

Even more amazing? Directv won the JD Power and Associates Award for customer service in every American region other than the north central region. You usually have to be Adele to win so many awards.

Restart Live Television

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to travel back in time? Maybe not Marty McFly.

Hey, at least you invented rock and roll.

You may not be able to hop into a DeLorean and take a trip to 1955, but with Directv you can do some time traveling. You can do it with 72 Hour Rewind.

72 Hour Rewind is a unique feature to Directv. Let’s say you couldn’t be home to watch the newest episode of “Silicon Valley,” and you forgot to program your Directv Genie to record it. What now?

Using the guide button on your remote, you can access programs that have aired within the previous three days thanks to 72 Hour Rewind.

Pretty cool, right? It’s definitely been a lifesaver for me. And there’s actually more to the feature. You can restart live television if you’re coming in late. So if you’re one of those people who can’t go into a movie theater if the movie started two minutes ago–and I *am* one of those people–72 Hours Rewind is a must.

Sunday Ticket

Don’t get me wrong; most cable services can offer a large selection of sports. But for some sports fans

You can never have too much sports. But even those sports nuts can be overwhelmed by the amount of sports available through Directv programming.

Directv offers the best in sports, with packages like MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass available to subscribers. But where they *really* stand out is the fact that they have the holy grail of television sports packages exclusively, and that’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

NFL Sunday Ticket is the quintessential television package for football fans. With Sunday Ticket, football fans can watch every out-of-market regular season game from the National Football League. That’s up to 256 football games a year.

Of course, only Bill Belichick could probably watch all of that football. But if you can’t watch every snap of every game, the Red Zone Channel broadcasts every scoring drive from every game. You don’t have to watch every incomplete pass on a 2nd and 7 to catch all of the exciting Sunday football action.

There’s also the Fantasy Zone Channel. We all have that friend for whom fantasy football is more important than the actual play on the field. You might even be that friend. Either way, the Fantasy Zone Channels keeps tabs on the fantasy scores for NFL players, and provides updates on the status on those players as well.

Your favorite team can be beat (especially if you’re a Cleveland Browns fan). Sunday Ticket, however, can not be beat.


There’s a lot of competition across a wide array of American industry. The television industry is no exception. There’s competition in both production and broadcasting.

Picking a television provider isn’t the easiest decision, especially since it usually involves a multiyear contract.

However, if you are looking for the best channels at the right price, it’s clear to us that Directv is a superior option to any cable provider.

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