What You Want to Know About DishLATINO

Sometimes a show is so popular that it gets remade all across the globe.

Remember “The Office?” It was only one of the world’s best sitcoms, if for no other reason than it featured the

What many people don’t realize is that the show wasn’t exactly an original. I don’t mean that it was heavily influenced by previous workplace sitcoms like “Mary Tyler Moore;” I mean that it was a remake. The first iteration of “The Office” came from Britain. It was the breakout and brainchild of international comedy star Ricky Gervais. The pilot episode of the American version is very close to being a shot-for-shot/line-for-line remake of the pilot from the British original.

Eventually, the American version established its own identity. Sure, some of the characters were clear counterparts of characters from the British version, but the storylines were not facsimiles. It set itself apart enough to even win an Emmy for Best Comedy Series in 2006.

Because the American version was so successful, the rest of the world decided to follow similar suit. As of summer 2017, there have now been eight different variations of “The Office” around the globe. The Germans even made a feature length movie.

The point is that we as Americans don’t often think about international television. American shows are frequently translated over to other cultures. The vice-versa happens as well, but less frequently.

But times are changing. Despite the dismay of many, the world is coming closer together, and will continue to do so. As a consequence, we all get more of a taste of each other’s culture than we have before.

This is especially true in regards to television. If this were 1987 and you wanted to watch a show from Chile, the odds were stacked against you, unless you wanted to take the trouble to buy a plane ticket to the South American country. That sounds ludicrous, but you *know* there are some “Game of Thrones” fans who would engage in intercontinental travel if they had to.

In 2017, there’s no need to purchase plane tickets. You can purchase television packages like DishLATINO instead.

What Is DishLATINO?

If you thought DishLatino was a television package designed primarily for television watchers who speak Spanish as a first language, well:

I suppose that wasn’t too hard to infer.

DishLATINO is actually a *series* of packages available to Spanish speakers. There are four options available:

  • DishLATINO Clasico
  • DishLATINO Plus
  • DishLATINO Dos
  • DishLATINO Max

Like the packages for English speakers, these packages vary by price and amount of channels.

DishLATINO packages aren’t entirely dissimilar to other Dish Network packages. A two-year contract is required. The signal reliability is the same. You can even use the same customer service outlets, as Dish has translated these outlets into Spanish.

So besides the language, are there any other differences? Yes, there are.


When you order a package through DishLATINO, you can get channels that you would not get in other Dish Network packages.

Of course, this depends on which of the four packages you order, but each package comes with channels for Spanish speakers. Some of these channels include:

  • Almavision
  • Antena 3
  • CGTN Espanol
  • Bandamax
  • Cine Latino<
  • ESPN Deportes
  • Globovision
  • Pasiones
  • And more!

Zona Futbol

It’s not just the channel lineup that’s unique about DishLATINO. DishLATINO packages come with Zona Futbol.

If you like soccer

Okay, fine. If you like *football,* Zona Futbol is the quintessential television package.

In fact, Zona might be the best selling point unique to DishLATINO. The features that come with Zona are impeccable. First, there’s the quantity. Zona broadcasts games from a plethora of leagues, including the following:

  • Copa Libertadores
  • English Premier League
  • International Champions Cup
  • La Liga
  • Liga MX
  • Ligue 1
  • Major League Soccer
  • Serie A
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League

All-in-all, football fans get access to over 1000 matches through Zona.

Obviously, even the most enthusiastic football fan couldn’t watch all of those matches without sacrificing friends, family, going outside, and everything on the Maslow hierarchy of needs. That’s why Zona has a multi-game feature that allows viewers to keep track of up to six games at once.

And since the amount of available content is overwhelming, Dish makes it possible to watch these games anywhere you want. Dish Anywhere–available to all Dish subscribers–is the Dish Network app that allows you to watch all of the best soccer on your smartphone/tablet. Games can be enjoyed in real-time, or you can watch recorded games.

Along with Anywhere, Zona comes equipped with the Game Finder app. Game Finder is a one-stop shop for football news and scores that keeps you up to date on every league.


So yes, there are clear differences between DishLATINO packages and other Dish Network packages. There are different channels, different packages, and oh yeah, a different language.

The similarities? It’s the same exceptional service you get with Dish Network. You get all of the amazing television you want at a low cost.