What Was TV Like When “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Premiered?

Hiatuses in the creative endeavors happen.

The filmmaker Terrence Malick has released four films this decade. Prior to this decade, he made only four films in his entire career, which started in 1973. He took 20 years between his second film and his third film.

Hiatuses as long as that are rare. 20+ years without working in *any* field is rare, unless you’re a Hilton. Hiatuses are particularly rare in television. Shows don’t take time off, other than the traditional few months between seasons.

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Comparing Satellite TV Providers

In 1972, Lou Reed released one of the most essential songs in his canon, “Satellite of Love.” Indeed, you could reasonably argue that it is one of the most essential songs in the overall canon of American music. The song has been covered by U2, Beck, Morrissey, and many others. I’m sure it was also featured on the soundtrack for that indie film from the 90s you loved.

As much of a Lou Reed fan I am, I’m not really 100% what a satellite of love is supposed to be. Is it a satellite that transmits the emotion of love into those who need it? How much is the monthly bill? Do I get love anywhere I go, or are there remote parts of Wyoming–or in other words, Wyoming–where I won’t get it?

Now that Lou Reed is tragically deceased, I suppose we’ll never get answers to these questions. But while the satellite of love may be forever nebulous, we have actual, concrete answers about the satellite of television.

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July Television Preview

The year 2017 has already reached its midway point.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t come close to satisfying my new year’s resolution either. When there’s so much good television, how I am I supposed to make time for this whole “go outside and exercise” thing?

Of course, I also don’t necessarily view being at the midway point as a bad thing. Sure, it’s an unfortunate reminder of the swift passage of time, but hey, at least there’s sunshine. Maybe a little too much sunshine if you live in Phoenix, but sunshine nevertheless.

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Best Shows Per Directv Package

When you think of Directv, I would not be surprised if this is the first thing that you think of.

This is America. Football is our religion. In Pittsburgh, the Lord’s Prayer opens with, “Our Father, Art Rooney in Heaven.”

Directv, of course, is the sole provider of NFL Sunday Ticket. That alone convinces a bevy of American television watchers to order Directv, and understandably so. Sure, there are many other terrific sports packages available through Directv, but the exclusivity factor on Sunday Ticket certainly drives a high amount of their business.

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What You Want to Know About DishLATINO

Sometimes a show is so popular that it gets remade all across the globe.

Remember “The Office?” It was only one of the world’s best sitcoms, if for no other reason than it featured the

What many people don’t realize is that the show wasn’t exactly an original. I don’t mean that it was heavily influenced by previous workplace sitcoms like “Mary Tyler Moore;” I mean that it was a remake. The first iteration of “The Office” came from Britain. It was the breakout and brainchild of international comedy star Ricky Gervais. The pilot episode of the American version is very close to being a shot-for-shot/line-for-line remake of the pilot from the British original.

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The Best Television Sports Packages

Sports. We love them. By we, I mean Americans. But really, I could mean the entire globe. Indeed, love of sports might be one of the few things that every continent can still agree on. That, and the new “Star Wars” movies are pretty cool.

Sure, the sports we like might be different. A matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots means less than nothing to the people of India. On the flipside, one of the biggest causes of brain aneurysms in America is trying to understand the rules of cricket (source: the Sam Joseph Journal of Medicine).

Regardless, there’s no segment of the globe you can visit where you can’t find rabid sports fans. And it’s a great time in world history to be a rabid sports fan.

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Directv Genie or Dish Hopper: Which DVR System is Right for You?

When I was a kid, I used to have a collection of these things:

You might ask, “What on earth is this? What am I supposed to do with this?”

First, congratulations on your youth. Enjoy it, it doesn’t last forever. But to really answer your questions, this is a video home system (VHS) tape. If you wanted to watch your favorite movie in 1997, you had to use one of these. Or if your favorite movie in 1997 was “Titanic,” you actually needed to use *two* of these because the movie was too long to fit on one. And the movie’s length would also be extended by five minutes, as you would you have to rewind it from the last time you watched it.

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Directv or Directv Now: Which is Best for You?

It’s not often that you find a situation where an individual or an entity is competing with itself. Seems a little masochistic, doesn’t it? Is it any different from punching oneself in the face?

However, such internal competition isn’t that unusual in the business world. Sometimes a corporate entity will alter its product slightly in order to integrate itself into a newer market.

That is essentially what’s going on with Directv at the moment.

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What You Need to Know About Dish Anywhere

There used to be a time when you had to watch a TV show when it was scheduled to be on the network schedule, or you wouldn’t get a chance to watch it all.

True story, and it wasn’t even that long ago. Certainly within my lifetime.

Yes, there were reruns and syndication, but for the most part, if you wanted to watch the new “Seinfeld,” you better be in front of your television set at 9:00 EST on Thursday. I suppose you could have recorded it on a blank VHS, but you would get the surrounding programs as well. Have fun guessing where your show is while wearing down the rewind/fast forward buttons.

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