Directv or Directv Now: Which is Best for You?

It’s not often that you find a situation where an individual or an entity is competing with itself. Seems a little masochistic, doesn’t it? Is it any different from punching oneself in the face?

However, such internal competition isn’t that unusual in the business world. Sometimes a corporate entity will alter its product slightly in order to integrate itself into a newer market.

That is essentially what’s going on with Directv at the moment.

Back in November of last year, Directv started offering a new product, Directv Now.

Directv Now is Directv’s entrance into the cord cutting market. It is their attempt at a streaming service. Now is not only competing with Directv itself, but with services like Sling TV and Playstation Vue.

Now has only been on the market for a little over six months, and has undergone some significant changes even in that short time frame. However, there are some determinations that can be made already. Today, we plan to explore the core differences between most Directv packages and Directv Now.

The Advantages of Directv Now

Beyond as a provider of exceptional television, what are some of the things that you might associate with Directv? Here’s one:

The dish itself.

Of course, the dish is ordinarily non-invasive and non-bothersome. That doesn’t change the fact that some people simply don’t want to deal with the installation, or they flatly can’t.

With Directv Now, there’s no dish. This can prove to be advantageous to people who live in apartment buildings.

One gripe the satellite television industry has frequently been on the other end of involves the contract. Some people just aren’t into commitments.

When you order a Directv package, you’re required to enter into a two-year contract. Directv Now? No contract. No commitment. You can order and cancel your subscription to Directv Now at your own leisure.

Another big selling point for Directv Now has to do with Cinemax and HBO. Of course, both of these channels are available through regular Directv, specifically through the premium package. In fact, both can be purchased individually when you enter into a Directv contract. Cinemax will add $13.99 to your monthly bill; HBO will add $17.99.

With Directv Now, you can add Cinemax and HBO for $5 a month each. If you get both, that’s *still* a lower cost than adding either individually through most traditional Directv packages.

The Advantages of Directv Packages

Before we get too deep into this post, let me clearly state that no two Directv packages are precisely alike. So the discrepancies and advantages I present here may not be entirely accurate across the board. If they apply to the majority of most popular Directv packages, then they will be made note of.

That said, here are some of those notable differences.

The first one worth mentioning will probably be the most important to discrepancy to many, but also the least important one to others. It depends on how much you love Sundays. And by that, I don’t mean church. I mean this:

Yes, football. If you’re a football fan, then you are probably well aware of NFL Sunday Ticket. Sunday Ticket brings you every out-of-market game every Sunday. You get several football specific channels that bring you up-to-the-minute highlights and analysis. It’s football heaven.

And you can only get it when you order a Directv package. That does *not* include Directv Now.

Of course, during the NFL season, there are anywhere between 12-16 games per week. Unless you’ve found a way to obfuscate the time-space continuum, you can’t watch every single game in one day. You might need to record a few.

With a Directv package, you can get a whole home DVR system that covers up to four rooms in your house.

If you have Directv Now and you want to record something, you can’t. Directv Now currently has no recording capabilities.

The last major difference between Directv Now and the majority of Dish packages goes back to HBO and Cinemax. I mentioned earlier that the two premium channels could only be obtained at an additional cost. That was slightly misleading.

No, not fake news! Just slightly misleading. Let me correct the record.

When you order a Directv package, you actually *do* get HBO and Cinemax. You also get Showtime and Starz. For the first three months of your contract, you get all four for free. Even if it’s only just those three months, you can’t get any of these channels through Directv Now for free at all.


Of course, there are similarities between Directv Now and most Directv packages. With the right technology, both can be enjoyed and consumed just about anywhere. The channel selections are largely similar.

So no, Directv Now is not starkly different from the rest of its Directv brethren. It may be a different direction and a different market for the long established satellite brand, but in the end, you’re getting exceptional television at an affordable price.