August Television Preview

And just like that, another month has come and gone. Time sure does move quickly, doesn’t it?

If you’re a student, you probably want to soak up every little last bit of sun until the school year starts. I can’t blame you. Even though I like my job, I wouldn’t mind being on a beach drinking a refreshing cocktail.

However, I’m many years removed from student life. And while being on a beach would be ideal, I’m still looking forward to what this August has to bring, particularly on the tube.

Here are some of the shows and specials that should make August a month worth watching.

The Defenders – August 18

Marvel Studios has spent the last decade building a huge universe for its characters. In 2012, the studio decided to group together many of the superheroes who already had movies to themselves. That grouping, of course, came in the form of “The Avengers,” which became one of the highest grossing films ever made. Now, Marvel is doing the same for its Netflix characters. “The Defenders” will be a miniseries featuring Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. If “Defenders” is anything like the shows that precede it, fans are in for a thrilling spectacle.

Halt and Catch Fire – August 19

Halt and Catch Fire” never managed to, um, catch fire the same way that previous AMC shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” did. Not in terms of ratings, anyway. But if “Fire” never reached the creative heights of those other shows, it wasn’t too far behind. The show, about the personal computer/internet revolutions of the 80s and 90s, will premiere its fourth and final season on August 19.

Marlon – August 16

Marlon Wayans is one of the more prolific comedic actors of his generation, but he has yet to headline his own television series. Until now, that is. Wayans will star in his own eponymous NBC sitcom starting on August 16. The show, about a divorced, immature father raising his kids may not stray too far from most sitcom tropes, but with the talented and hilarious Wayans leading the way, there’s no reason not to give this a shot.

Get Shorty – August 13

For those too young to remember, “Get Shorty” was one of the best cinematic comedies of the 90s. If you are in that “too young” crowd–even if you’re not–you have your chance to experience the hilarity when streaming service Epix debuts a series based on the film (which itself was based on an Elmore Leonard novel). “Shorty,” about a gangsters who get involved in movie production, has rich source material and hilarious leads in Chris O’Dowd and Ray Romano. Epix only got in the original programming game last year, but they could already have a major player on their hands if “Shorty” lives up to its potential.

Weekend Update – August 10

Does the name of this show sound familiar? It should; it’s only the longest running segment of “Saturday Night Live’s” history. The segment has been part of “SNL” from the very first episode. “Update,” of course, is the faux newscast that usually takes up about ten minutes in the middle of an “SNL” episode. This month, NBC is attempting to expand the format into 30-minute episodes. Colin Jost and Michael Che will be behind the desk, just like they were for the last season of “SNL.” This could just be filler for NBC, as “Update” will only run for four weeks. But given “SNL’s” renewed popularity, it will be interesting if that carries over.

The Tick – August 25

In 2001, Fox had a critical hit with their adaptation of the comic book, “The Tick.” It may have been a critical hit, but it wasn’t a commercial hit. It lasted only nine episodes. But the fans who loved it LOVED it, and started many campaigns to save the show. Well it took 16 years, but those fans can at least see a different version of “The Tick” with a different cast. The pilot aired on Amazon Prime last year to great fanfare. Later this month, fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for when Amazon uploads the entire first season.

Whitney: Can I Be Me – August 18

Nick Broomfield is an icon, at least for people who love documentaries. He’s undoubtedly made some of the best in the genre, and this time he turned his lens to the life and death of the amazing singer Whitney Houston. The film has been screened at a few festivals, and has caused controversy in the process. To say the least, not everyone in Houston’s circle looks great, except for Houston herself. This is a must see, whether or not “I Will Always Love You” makes your heart melt.

Guy’s Family Road Trip – August 18

Guy Fieri has been one of the biggest reality television stars of the last ten years. He is best known as “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” the show where he traveled the country looking for exquisite, well, diners, drive-ins and dives. His new show, “Guy’s Family Road Trip,” doesn’t sound entirely different from the premise. The biggest difference is that he won’t be alone this time; he’s bringing his family along for the journey. Even if the premise is hardly groundbreaking, Fiery fans will most likely be as entertained as always.

Bachelor in Paradise – August 14

If you’ve been alive and breathing at any point during this millennium, I don’t need to explain the concept of “The Bachelor” to you. Year after year, it’s one of the most talked about shows on television. The surrounding noise has escalated coming into this new season, however, given the controversy around alleged sexual misconduct between two contestants while filming. Indeed, filming had to be suspended while an investigation was conducted. While that internal investigation determined nothing had happened, there’s no question there is heightened mystery going into this new season.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series – August 8

If James Corden is known for anything, it’s for his “Carpool Karaoke” segment on his late night show. The segment has been so popular, it’s being turned into a full series. However, it won’t be on Corden’s network (CBS). “Karaoke” will be the second series for Apple, and will be available primarily through iTunes. Given the musical nature of the show, that seems like a natural fit. Corden will serve as a producer, and will appear on a few episodes, but not all of them. Don’t worry about missing Corden though; Will Smith, Chelsea Handler, John Cena, Shaquille O’Neal and more have signed on for appearances.

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