Are You Ready for Some Football? Order NFL Sunday Ticket Today!

I have one incredibly important question for you:

If you’re not, it doesn’t really matter, because the football season is right around the corner. In fact, the first game of the preseason is happening later tonight. Sure, the preseason is mostly meaningless to those who haven’t given their life to football, but it is in an indicator to start getting excited for the real season.

The regular season starts a little over a month from now, on Thursday, September 7. Per the usual, the game will feature the defending Super Bowl champions, which this year means the New England Patriots. They will face the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams are expected to be among the best in the league this season, just as they were last year.

So pack your fridge with beer. Break out the snack table. Wash your jersey(s). The NFL regular season is about to kickoff, and you have everything you are going to need.

Hold on, we have a flag on the field. Looks like the penalty is forgetfulness.

Because in addition to jerseys and snacks, you’re going to need NFL Sunday Ticket through Directv to fully enjoy the NFL season.

The Games

If you’re a real football fan, you don’t want to just watch your favorite team play; you want to watch *every* team play. You even want to watch your least favorite team play (and lose, of course).

Sunday Ticket, the best sports package on the market, brings you almost every single out-of-market game of the NFL regular season. Unless the game is being nationally broadcast, you can access any given game, any given Sunday. That’s roughly 200 games of gridiron action.

It sure is.

The Channels

However, just like football isn’t only about the hits, Sunday Ticket isn’t just about the games. There are a multitude of added benefits included in this package.

For example, even the most passionate football fans don’t have enough time to watch every snap of every game. The staff at ESPN doesn’t even have that kind of time.

Of course, you don’t need to see every incomplete pass, or two-yard run on 2nd and 7. What you really want to see is

Maybe not the salsa dancing per se, but the touchdown that came before it.

There’s no play in football more exciting than a scoring play. As such, Sunday Ticket includes the RedZone Channel.

With the RedZone Channel, you can catch every touchdown. Maybe not the same way Odell Beckham Jr. catches touchdowns, but no one catches touchdowns like he does. As soon as a team enters the red zone–less than 20 yards away from the end zone–RedZone brings you right into the action.

Between touchdowns, RedZone provides up-to-the-minute statistical analysis and an overview of every game being played.

That’s pretty great right there, but RedZone isn’t the only specialty network part of Sunday Ticket. When you order Sunday Ticket, you also get access to the Fantasy Zone Channel.

Yes, the Fantasy Zone Channel kind of sounds like something you need to implement parental controls on. However, it’s completely family friendly. More importantly, it’s football friendly.

The Fantasy Zone Channel is for fantasy football fanatics everywhere (and they are most certainly everywhere).

On Sundays, football fans aren’t just watching 32 teams. They’re watching 32 teams *plus* the amount of fantasy teams they have built, and I know some people for whom that number would be exceptionally high. It would be impossible to keep up.

The Fantasy Zone Channel helps those fans to keep up. Fantasy Zone has a plethora of experts offering last minute roster tips, statistical updates, and news. If you want to win one of your pools, the Fantasy Zone Channel is a must.

The Features

By now, I’m sure Sunday Ticket already sounds pretty appealing. And I have yet to touch on the bells and whistles.

It’s really not though; at least not for football fans.

First up, there’s the player tracker. This is a great feature that works in concert with the Fantasy Zone Channel. This tracker allows you to pick up to 20 players, all of whom will have their stats displayed on a separate window readily available for you. You will also get an alert any time of one them makes a big play.

Then there’s the broadcast booth. With this feature, you can simultaneously watch up to eight games at once on one screen, each with a corresponding scoreboard and clock. Should you want to hone in on a specific game, simply use your remote to select that game and it will take up the entire screen.

Last but not least, there is the short cut feature. There’s only so much time in a week, and maybe you don’t want to watch every snap of a game between the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars.

And I can’t blame you. If, however, you want to watch the most important plays in the proper sequence, the short cuts feature condenses every game down to less than 30 minutes, commercial free. I think both Browns and Jaguars fans can get behind this idea, just to lessen their suffering.


The football season is upon us, and I for one could not be more excited. And on a 1-10 scale of football fandom, I’m probably only a five or six, at least compared to some of my friends. But if you’re anywhere on the scale, you don’t just want NFL Sunday Ticket; you need it.

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