Directv Now Adds CBS to It’s Platform

You have probably heard some variation of the expression, “There are two certainties in life: death and taxes.” While these two things are indeed certainties, I would argue that this idiom is far too exclusive. There are more certainties in life.

The Knicks will never win another NBA championship? Check.

I will never learn how to spell the word “occasionally,” despite having looked it up multiple times? Well it took me four attempts before I gave up and looked it up again, so check.

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The Hacking of HBO


It’s not as thrilling and energetic as they make it look in the movies. David Fincher had to add a Nine Inch Nails soundtrack to “The Social Network” so audiences wouldn’t fall asleep watching Jesse Eisenberg type.

The process itself may not be terribly exciting for those who aren’t intrigued by computer programming. The potential outcome, however, can be devastating.

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Are You Ready for Some Football? Order NFL Sunday Ticket Today!

I have one incredibly important question for you:

If you’re not, it doesn’t really matter, because the football season is right around the corner. In fact, the first game of the preseason is happening later tonight. Sure, the preseason is mostly meaningless to those who haven’t given their life to football, but it is in an indicator to start getting excited for the real season.

The regular season starts a little over a month from now, on Thursday, September 7. Per the usual, the game will feature the defending Super Bowl champions, which this year means the New England Patriots. They will face the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams are expected to be among the best in the league this season, just as they were last year.

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August Television Preview

And just like that, another month has come and gone. Time sure does move quickly, doesn’t it?

If you’re a student, you probably want to soak up every little last bit of sun until the school year starts. I can’t blame you. Even though I like my job, I wouldn’t mind being on a beach drinking a refreshing cocktail.

However, I’m many years removed from student life. And while being on a beach would be ideal, I’m still looking forward to what this August has to bring, particularly on the tube.

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Cable vs. Satellite: Why Directv Beats Cable

When you think of long term rivals, what do you think of?

The Yankees and the Red Sox? That certainly goes back a while. India and Pakistan? Shout out to my fellow geopolitical nerds if that’s really what you thought of. Or since this is a television blog, perhaps your mind went to any one of the “Game of Thrones” conflicts happening at any time.

Any of the aforementioned examples could be cited as famous rivals. The one I want to talk about today is also a famous conflict, and that is cable vs. satellite. Specifically, cable vs. Directv.

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The Controversy Behind “Confederate”

Recently, the showrunners behind “Game of Thrones” made an announcement. No, your favorite character isn’t going to die next week (although given the show’s history, your suspicions are merited).

The showrunners for “Thrones” are Dan Weiss and David Benioff, and their announcement concerned a new show that they are developing. Of course, it’s clear that they were already developing new shows for the future, but for the first time, the new show in question is *not* within the George R.R. Martin universe. It will, however, continue to focus on dragons. Grand dragons, at the very least.

That’s because the show is called “Confederate,” and it’s about an alternate universe where the south won the Civil War.

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In the Cloud with Directv Now

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this blog, Directv entered the streaming game last year. They did so with the creation of Directv Now.

Directv Now is still a baby in the market. It was unveiled in November 2016, so it’s not even a year old. Of course when a product is still in its infancy stages, this is when you can expect a series of changes.

We wrote about one of those changes just a few weeks back, when Directv Now increased the amount of markets where users could access local channels. This was a welcome evolution for the service.

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Jodie Whittaker Is the New Doctor Who

Doctor Who” is one of the longest running shows in television history. In fact, the show dates all the way back to 1963, which means the show is older than the Super Bowl.

Of course, when a show is that old, you can certainly count on the fact that it’s undergone several changes. “Hawaii Five-0” can’t hold on to all of the cast members from 2010, let alone the original cast members from the 60s.

Most shows, however, are reluctant to change actors in lead roles. When Michael J. Fox was forced to leave “Spin City” due to health concerns, the writers didn’t try to recast his role. They introduced a new protagonist in the form of Charlie Sheen, at which point the show went south (that’s a different concern though).

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Preview MLB Extra Innings Through Directv

Remember this?

Frankly, I don’t remember who these players are – I’m only a casual baseball fan. I *do* remember this phrase though. It was from the late 90s, a time when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were breaking records (and rules). Players were hitting home runs at an unprecedented rate. Major League Baseball was dominating the headlines, and was experiencing peak popularity.

Of course, it didn’t take long for people to start questioning what spurred this insane increase in homers. Sure, athletes always get bigger with every generation, but Sammy Sosa got suspiciously bigger in just a couple of seasons, not a generation.

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