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3 Ways Cord Cutters Can Catch NFL Action This Season

August 31, 2016 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Traditionally, one of the biggest downsides of over-the-top and streaming TV (such as Roku, Playstation Vue, etc) has been the lack of live NFL coverage. Most of the NFL broadcasters – such as FOX, CBS and NBC – do have their own app you can install on Roku and the like, but they all require you login via your cable or satellite provider to access the feed. Well, with the On Demand tide slowly turning, you now have plenty of new options…

Sunday morning/afternoon games via a local antenna or Sling TV: NBC & FOX

1. Antenna – if you’ve already cut the cord, the easiest (and cheapest) way to get TV into your home is with an HD antenna. Nowadays, they come in crystal clear 1080 HDTV and can be smaller than the size of paperback. The main caveat here is reception. The closer you are to the broadcasting tower, the more channels you’re likely to get (use Mohu’s zip code tool to search your area). Obviously, the big upside here is 0 recurring cost; most HD antennas go for $40-$100…thereafter, it’s all gratis.

2. Sling TV – if an antenna doesn’t fit the bill or you’d rather have everything in your OTT box, Sling TV gives you access to NBC and FOX with their $25/mo Sling Blue package.

Monday night games via Sling TV or PlayStation VUE: ESPN

Usually featuring a pretty good pair of teams or a rivalry grudge match, MNF is the venerated staple of the NFL week. When it transitioned from ABC to ESPN in 2006, it nudged out folks that didn’t have basic cable or satellite. It was equally as frustrating for cord cutters as well. Well, thanks to Sling TV’s inclusion of ESPN (in their base plan, Sling Orange, for $20/mo), you’ll never be clueless at the water cooler come Tues morning.

Thursday night games via Sling TV or PlayStation VUE: NFL Network

The NFL just recently announced a licensing deal with Sling TV that adds the NFL Network to its lineup. Part of the $25/mo Sling Blue plan, the NFL Network broadcasts EVERY Thursday night game (the NBC and CBS co-broadcasts about half of those games). So, in addition to the solid new and analysis on the NFL Network, you’ll get your fill mid-week NFL action.


On demand and OTT TV have come a long way over the past few years. Sports and NFL coverage is just another way folks are filling in the previous programming gaps. Of course, if you’re a true NFL or fantasy football junky, you might need a bit more game coverage. That’s where DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket may fit it. Either way, enjoy all the hard-hittin’ action this year!