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Redbox and Netflix Go Around Disney for “John Carter”

June 12, 2012 | Author: Ibex Marketing

In yet another attempt to put a genie back in the bottle, Disney has decided not to give Redbox or Netflix¬†access to “John Carter” on DVD when the movie becomes available for retail customers, according to a story in the LA Times. Instead, the disc rental companies will have to wait at least 28 days before it can buy at a discount from Disney.

So two disc rental giants went the old fashioned route, and sent out an army of buyers to purchase the discs when they were released last week. According to some sources, the movie is now available for rental from both companies.

The movie studios are feeling the pain as DVD sales dwindle and Blu-ray fails to pick up the slack. They apparently think the solution is to squeeze the disc rental companies, but that is probably a losing strategy because it means that fewer people will watch discs and they’ll turn to other ways to get the content. In time, I expect that this will drive them to online streaming and the use of DVD and Blu-ray will continue to spiral downwards.