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The Return of Google TV!

May 8, 2012 | Author: Ibex Marketing

According to a Reuters report, LG is going to start shipping televisions based on the Google TV platform before the end of May. Manufacturing of the sets is slated to begin May 17 in Mexico.

This is Round 2 for Google TV which drew a lot of interest before it put on the brakes and asked partners not to show products with it at CES 2011. This next version has a solid set of partners, including Samsung, Sony, and VIZIO in addition to LG. It remains to be seen whether the new interface is enough to make the feature a selling point. The platform should make it easier to search for and discover content across a number of sources, and it will also offer special features for DISH Network subscribers.

Clearly, Smart TVs are appealing to U.S. consumers as the attach rate of television sets to the Internet is climbing steadily. Whether or not Google TV offers enough “special sauce” to make it stand out from all the other connected options remains a question that probably won’t be answered until Google TV sets become available from the other manufacturers.