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Bed-Sized 3DTV in China

March 19, 2012 | Author: Ibex Marketing

How much is too much? If it’s possible to go too far with a television set’s specfications, this could be it. China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd is a subsidiary of the electronics giant, TCL Corporation, and earlier this month, the company announced a monster of a 3DTV.

(Credit: TCL Corporation)

This behemoth measures 110″ diagonal. It also has 4K by 2K resolution, or 4,096 by 2,160 pixels. That’s the same as if you had glued four 55″ 1080p screens together. And it is an active 3DTV display, using shutter glasses for the stereoscopic view. And if that’s not enough, it also has multi-touch touchscreen input.

The company’s press release is silent on plans to make this a commercial product, but does indicate that two units were donated to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for public display. This points to what is likely the true motivation for the technology demonstration. It shows that China is able to hold its own in terms of innovation in the display industry. TCL quotes an expert from Fudan University; “China will replace Japan and South Korea as the world leader in TV display screens in terms of manufacturing and R&D in three to five years, and will provide a higher level of quality and more cost-effective products to the global community.”

Clearly, this is a very large stake to drive in the ground, but China is marking its territory. Given the current state of the flat panel industry, however, China could end up like the dog who chases a cat, and then has to figure out what it wants to do with it once it catches it. There could be a lot of corporate blood and fur strewn about before this is all over.