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March Madness Online: No More Free Ride!

March 12, 2012 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournement launches on Wednesday, and like last year, you can watch all 67 games online. But you can’t watch them for free this time.

The March Madness streaming video has grown to be an enormous success over the past few years, and this year you’re asking to pay for it. What’s the price of a ticket to the Big Show? $3.99. Seriously folks, that’s it. That won’t even buy you a beer in some sports bars, and with this you get to watch all 67 games. Not only that, but you can watch on your computer, your iPad, or many iPhone and Android smartphones, and you only have to pay once.

What me? Watching March Madness? Not me, boss!

And when you’re watching the games on your computer, the website still throws up a Boss Screen at the click of a button. Ah, just when the economic recovery is starting in earnest, this comes along to blow our nation’s productivity to bits. Oh well, we can get back to work when April gets here.