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Netflix Retools For Kids

August 19, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

According to an article published by GigaOM, Netflix appears to be testing a new user interface designed specifically for children. Not only is the listed content limited to kid-friendly titles, it also makes it easier for youngsters to navigate. A scroll bar at the top of the screen shows individual characters, including kid favorites such as Big Bird, Barney, and Dora. Click on the character, and you get a screen showing large stills from each available episode with a minumum amount of text. It makes for a point-and-click selection that can help children find their own programs quickly and easily.

As the GigaOM article points out, Netflix has put up split-run tests in the past, so you may find a different arrangement on your account. In any case, Netflix deserves credit for investing in a different interface for children, and for recognizing the need to give them a safe and friendly place to find their own programs.