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Roku Gathers Momentum

August 17, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The easiest way to turn a dumb TV into a Smart TV is to add a network media player. And some of the most attractive choices at this point are available from Roku. The new Roku 2 models are smaller than ever, and even the entry level $60 model can stream HD resolution content to your television from the Internet. Others are willing to bet on the success of the company; it just closed an $8 million round of funding from investors.

This good news comes on the heels of other upbeat mentions, such as retail distribution through Best Buy and access to DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket NFL package for out-of-market game coverage. Add this to support for Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Crackle, YouTube, and Hulu Plus — as well as hundreds of other channels — and you have a pretty compelling package that some may find to be a sufficient alternative to other video entertainment sources. You even get “Angry Birds” free on the new $100 Roku box.