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Dyle-ing Mobile TV with a New Brand

July 20, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The logo for the new Dyle brand for mobile DTV

New wine in a new bottle, already. Mobile DTV was the name for the broadcast television for mobile devices that has started to roll out in markets across the country. There aren’t many devices available yet that can receive these signals, but the industry hopes that it will be supported by a wide range of devices from smartphones to tablets. And now to make it easier for consumers to recognize which products support this service, the Mobile Content Venture (MVC) has announced the new “Dyle” brand.

Efforts by the MVC and the overlapping Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) have announced lots of stations nationwide that are now or will soon start broadcasting mobile television signals. It still remains to be seen whether or not there will be any significant consumer demand for this service. Mobile television is one of the key applications that local broadcasters cite for wanting to retain the full assigned radio spectrum for their television channels. On the other side, the FCC and the federal government believe that some of this spectrum could be put to better use, including wireless broadband services. The sale of the underused spectrum could bring in billions of dollars for the government and for the stations that surrender a portion of their allocation.