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iPhone Users Like Video

July 1, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I have an Android smartphone, and I’m a bit surprised that I actually watch video on it. I don’t watch lengthy content such as movies or television episodes (at least not yet), but I do find myself watching more YouTube videos and similar content on the device in spite of its tiny screen. All the same, I was interested to read about a press release from Futuresource about the results of a new study. The company surveyed users in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, and Germany about smartphones and their use. About 25% of UK users have smartphones, and in the U.S. that portion is about one third.

The result that grabbed my attention was that 64% of iPhone users watch video content on their phones, while the number is about 32% for owners of other smartphones. Even the third for other types of phones seems high to me, though the iPhone percentage being twice as large is an interesting detail. Are iPhone users more inclined to see their phones as an entertainment device? Or is it possible that since the iPhones came out first, their owners have had longer to explore and become comfortable with the multimedia features of their phones?

Whatever the reason for the results, it is clear that an increasing number of people are turning to their smallest screens for some of their video content. As adoption of smartphones increases — Futuresource predicts a 75% market share by 2014 — this increased usage of video will likely add to the strain on the wireless data networks.

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