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Return of Smell-o-Vision!

June 30, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I know that lots of people are of the opinion that most of Hollywood’s movies stink, but filmmaker Robert Rodriguez apparently wants movie goers to come to that conclusion about his films, literally. His new 3D version of “Spy Kids” All the Time in the World” will provide simulated scents to enhance the cinematic experience.

The 1960 technology Smell-o-Vision pumped the odors into the movie theaters, but Rodriguez is using a simpler “Aromascope” technology for his production. Audience members will be issued a card with numbered circles. At appropriate points in the movie — where a character is obviously pausing to smell something in the scene — the number will appear on the movie screen and viewers will then rub that circle on their card to get the desired scent. One advantage of this approach is that it can also work at home; if the scent cards are bundled with a DVD, for example, the viewers can still get the same olfactory experience as at the local cinema.

Clearly, there is not a groundswell of market demand for smelly movies, so I don’t expect this trend to take over living rooms any time soon. (Or ever.) But it apparently is still novel enough that it works as a publicity ploy. It got me to write about it here, after all.