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3DTV No Longer a Premium

June 22, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The Westinghouse W47S2TCD offers 3DTV support without the premium price.

Westinghouse Digital has announced its new 47″ LCD HDTV, the W47S2TCD. This set has LED backlighting and a bunch of other features that you’d expect to find in a 1080p flat panel television. It is priced at $1,199, which is the same price as the 46-inch UN46D6050TF from Samsung which also has LED backlighting. The big difference is that the Westinghouse model also has 3DTV support. Not only is it 3D-capable, but it uses the same patterned retarder technology as LG and Vizio so that it uses inexpensive passive glasses. Westinghouse includes four pairs of glasses in the box.

This is a fairly stunning development, as it means that the additional cost for 3DTV support is approaching zero. Granted, there is a difference in brand value between Samsung and Westinghouse, but the passive retarder feature is state of the art.

I still don’t think that there is enough 3DTV content to warrant buying a new television, but if I were buying a new set for some other reason, prices are getting to the point where I’d probably get 3D support because I expect that I’ll want it starting in just another year or two.