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China Passes Japan in LCD Production

June 17, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Korea is first (thanks to LG and Samsung), and Taiwan is second in terms of producing LCD panels, including those used in LCD HDTVs. Now comes word from Displaybank that China has taken over as the third largest producer of LCD panels, pushing Japan out of the money and into fourth place. This is in spite of Sharp having the world’s largest LCD plant — Gen 10 — in operation.

One factor is that the Korean and Taiwanese companies are building plants in mainland China to take advantage of lower costs. One company already has a Gen 8 plant in operation in China, and another company has Gen 8 lines in production. Several more plants are planned for the next couple of years, so we can only expect China’s share of the total production to grow.

This development only underscores the importance of China’s internal economy and power needs for the rest of the world.