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Thin HDMI Cables Are Smart

June 15, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

When you just need an HDMI cable to connect your big flat screen HDTV to a Blu-ray player or other device, pretty much all you need is one that is long enough. The problem is that HDMI is now used in all sorts of devices, and you may have good reason to want to take an HDMI cable with you. The standard thick cables can be a bulky nuisance, but if you use thinner guage wires for the conductors, you risk degrading the signal to the point where the cable won’t work. But now an Irish company named Redmere has apparently figured out a solution.

Redmere's active HDMI cables are thinner and more flexible than typical cables.

The solution is to actively boost the signal using circuitry hidden inside the end connector. The result is a cable that is 70% to 80% thinner and lighter than a typical passive HDMI cable. The technology also makes it possible for the company to make 50 foot long HDMI cables. Redmere’s active HDMI technology is used in cables from VIZIO, Samsung, PNY, Monster, and Radio Shack. And these cables don’t have to cost a lot more; you can find some models for less than $25.

HDMI is likely to play an increasing role in entertainment, including portable devices. Thinner and more flexible cables will make these uses that much easier.