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Samung First in U.S. for Plasma HDTV

June 6, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Panasonic is the company that appears to have made the double-down bet on plasma televisions, but according to a release last month, the NPD Group cites Samsung as the top-selling brand of plasma HDTVs in the U.S. for the first four months of this year.

According to NPD’s figures, Samsung was also first in unit sales of flat panel televisons (LCD and plasma combined) with a 24.9% market share, first in flat panel television revenues with a 34.7% market share, and a commanding lead in connected televisions with nearly half the market at a 48.1% share. And Samsung had more than half of the 3DTV market with a 51.1% share.

Now, the plasma numbers aren’t all that significant because they represent such a small portion of the flat panel television market. Plasma accounted for less than 9% of the flat panel television sales worldwide last year, and that share is forecast to decline. Even Panasonic has slowed its plans to invest in more production capacity. The fact remains that there is still money to be made in that segment, however, and that extra “egg money” appears to be enough to put Samsung in front of its LCD HDTV rivals.

We have all seen the seesaw history of who is the leading television company in the U.S. market (and it also depends on who is counting and how they count), but for now it is significant that Samsung has a broad lead on the crowded field of competitors.