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What the BLEEP Did He Say?

June 3, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Call me old fashioned, but I’m still amazed at what can pass as acceptable content for broadcast television these days. I’m not saying that I think Rob and Laura Petrie should still be sleeping in seperate twin beds, but there’s some pretty steamy dialog and scenes that occurs even in the “family hour” of 8 to 9 PM. I recognize that subscription-based content plays by different rules, but it appears that as long as you keep your underwear on, you can do or say just about anything on broadcast channels. My children are grown now, but I wouldn’t want them watching some of these shows when they were young.

If you share a similar view, you might want to investigate the TVGuardian. This is a product that can recognize offensive language in the soundtrack, and mute the words that might have put George Carlin in hot water not so long ago. One of the interesting features of the device is that it can create closed-captions on the fly that replaces the muted lines with synonymous countent without the potentially offensive language. So when the sound drops out, you might see “Get your tail moving!” appear on the screen.

I agree that this is not going to fool precocious lip-readers, but it can help support your efforts to keep your children from talking like sailors, at least when they’re at home.