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3DTV: Here Comes the Content, Part II

May 9, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Last week, I wrote about new content being developed for the 24/7 3DTV network, 3net. This week, I need to add a quick footnote. Digital Revolution Studios (DRS) announced that they created the new series, “Bullproof“, that debuted last week on 3net. The company claims that it is “the first episodic docu-reality or Sportumentary series to be shot entirely in native 3D.” They have produced four one-hour episodes.

The series is about “American Bullfighters”, who were previously known as “rodeo clowns.” Whatever you call them, they are the guys who put themselves between an angry bull and a fallen rodeo rider on purpose. (All of a sudden, fishing for crabs doesn’t look quite so dangerous.) The show is shot in stereoscopic 3D, using dual-camera rigs designed and built by DRS using off-the-shelf video cameras such the Canon XF305. This helped keep production costs low.

It is innovation like this that is going to help fill the pipeline with 3DTV content, and the fact that it is produced from the start as stereoscopic content, it increases the chances that more consumers will decide that there is compelling programming available that will make them want to upgrade to a 3D-capable television.