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Is That a Camel’s Nose I See?

March 11, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Dateline: Calgary, Alberta. (That’s Canada, folks.) In a press release, Shaw Communications announced Tuesday that the company was going to offer its subscribers a new service called the Shaw Plan Personalizer. The new offering comes with a three-year price guarantee if you sign up before the end of May, but that’s not the news. Here’s what it says in the press release:

With the new Shaw Plan Personalizer, customers can purchase a core home entertainment and communications package that includes Extreme Internet, Personal TV, hardware options and Personal Home Phone basic. They can then customize the plan exactly how they want it. Customers will pick the products and features they use and love to create a plan that’s made just for them.

Pick the products and features they use and love? Create a plan that’s made just for them? Hmmm; this bird is waddling and quacking. What do you suppose it could be? It sure looks to me as if this duck is an a la carte pricing plan, which is the very thing that consumers have been demanding and that the subscription TV services have been avoiding like the plague.

Does it make a difference? It looks as though you can get a basic HD package for $37 a month, and then add a bundle of sports channels for just $10 more. That’s a big savings over some of the other packages, and you don’t have to pay for a bunch of channels that you’ll never watch. And remember the price is fixed for three years.

I imagine that this approach also might appeal to a few television subscribers south of the 49th parallel. Maybe you should call your provider and tell them that you want the “Shaw Deal”.