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More 3D Channels

February 22, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Comcast has announced that it’s launching Xfinity 3D, a new 24/7 channel that will have nothing but stereoscopic 3D content. According to the press release, the channel will carry “concerts from top-tier artists, sporting events, more than a dozen movies and original 3D programming.” (Fans of the serial comma might notice that its use here would eliminate any confusion about whether the “dozen” applies to the original programming or not.)

It sounds great at first glance, but wait. A dozen movies? Even if they were two hours long, that’s only 24 hours of content. I expect that this means you will have multiple opportunities to see all the different choices within a single week. And the week after, and the week after that. As it turns out, the movies are sparsely sprinkled throughout the daily schedule, with the bulk of the time taken up with the same sort of endless documentaries that were standard fare for the early HDTV channels. You can check out the schedule here:

The news about Xfinity 3D is not that it is must-see content, but instead that Comcast is willing to devote a channel to what amounts to an endless 3D demonstration. It may not be compelling yet, but it will give the owners of 3D HDTVs something to show quickly when the neighbors or family drop by.