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3DTV on DirecTV

February 14, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Last night, “3net” was scheduled to debut on DirecTV. (I can’t confirm that it did, because I don’t get DirecTV and I don’t have a 3DTV to test it with anyway.) This collaboration with Sony, Discovery, and IMAX will broadcast 3D programming 24/7, which is pretty cool. And the network has promised to premier new content every night at 9 PM for the rest of February. Along with ESPN3D and other 3D programming, this helps put DirecTV out in front in terms of delivering stereoscopic content to the living room.

However, my excitement is tempered somewhat. The line-up for the launch was underwhelming: a documentary about China, a documentary about marine life, and a documentary about places that once were thriving communities but have since been abandoned. Despicable Me, this isn’t. In fact, it sounds a lot like the initial programming that we got on the HD channels when they first started. I doubt that many viewers will find this to be compelling content.

It’s an important step that I doubt will send consumers flocking to the TV stores, but that does ratchet up the mindshare for 3DTV content a little bit. I expect this process to continue gradually for the next few years until we get to the point where we can have many channels showing new 3D content every night, just as we do now with HD content. That’s when we’ll see sales of 3DTVs start to reach significant numbers.