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Sue Me, Sue You

February 10, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I figure I could probably write exclusively about lawsuits in the display and consumer electronics industry, but frankly, I get tired of the stories and I suspect you do too. This one is worth mentioning, however, when you consider the two parties and the venue.

LG has announced that it is suing Sony with an International Trade Commission (ITC) complaint that PS3 gaming consoles and some Bravia HDTVs violate LG patents, and these products should be blocked from being imported into this country. As I mentioned in a recent post here, it costs millions to launch such a complaint. (One source has informed me that it’s about $15 million for each side.) So this is not a step that is taken lightly.

But here’s some additional context. Sony has already filed a similar complaint with the ITC about some LG mobile phones and Blu-ray players that it claims violate Sony patents.

I won’t be surprised if this ends up being settled with some sort of cross-licensing agreement, but as I wrote last month, we’ll probably never know the full story about how this came about, and how it gets settled. It’s nice to know, I guess, that these two companies feel that they have $30 million apiece to burn in court this way.