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CES 2011: What’s That Show?

January 7, 2011 | Author: Ibex Marketing

My wife was watching Glee the other night, and I thought I recognized one actress as someone who has starred in movies. In a typical senior moment, however, I could not come up with her name or any of the movies, which left me with the stammering conversation, “That’s whats-her-name, right? The one who has been in all those movies like ummm, whatever?” Not too helpful.

If I had an iPhone and the new Videosurf Mobile app, I could have just pointed my phone at the TV screen, recorded about five seconds of the show. The program would analyze the content using facial recognition and other technology, query the system’s database in the cloud, and then come back with the answer. Not only would it have identified Gwyneth Paltrow in the Glee episode, but it would have brought back lists of her movies and other appearances and links to more information. It will even find video clips of her on YouTube and other sites, and provide the links.

I can think of lots of ways that this app would be helpful. I saw it demonstrated last night here at CES, and it’s scheduled to be available for free soon. So if you struggle to idenitify stars or TV shows, check out this program… if you can remember to do it.

I’ve only got one more day at CES 2011 left, but I’ve got a lot of great information that I’ll be writing about next week, so stay tuned….