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Sony Outsources More HDTV Production

December 6, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

HDTV may be in Sony’s DNA, according to the company’s marketing campaign, but it appears that they are turning more and more to surrogate parents to produce their offspring. A recent report in DigiTimes indicates that Sony will increase its use of LCD panels made by other companies from 30% to 50%, relying primarily on the Taiwanese companies such as CMI. This means that half of Sony’s HDTVs won’t have Sony LCD panels inside.

This is just one more sign that the once-dominant Japanese electronic industry continues to lose ground in the worldwide markets. Sony also recently disclosed that it would not increase its share of the new Sharp Gen 10 plant from 7% to 34% as originally planned. Electronics production has moved to Korea and Taiwan, and now there are signs that mainland China could take over the top production role before too long.