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Samsung Shows 19″ OLED TV

November 19, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

According to several reports, Samsung demonstrated a prototype OLED television this week at a trade show. The 19″ model only had a resolution of 960 by 540, which is not sufficient for a high definition display. This does represent one quarter of a 1080p panel, however, so it presumably demonstrates a production process that can be scaled up to larger substrates.

The reports indicate that it was made using an ink jet process for depositing the materials on the panel. According to one report, the company declined to comment on plans for commercial production of the panel, as the technology is still under development.

This demonstration hardly represents a breakthrough, so don’t start holding your breath in anticipation of an OLED HDTV. Scaling this 19″ panel up to a 38″ panel for full 1080p high definition resolution is not a trivial task. One of the big hurdles is being able to produce the required substrates efficiently at that size. There’s nothing in this news that gives me any reason to revise my opinion that we’re still years away from an affordable OLED HDTV of any size.