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The Power of a Home Network

November 10, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

You now have more reasons than ever to connect your HDTV to the Internet (or to some device that connects to the Internet), but many people don’t have an outlet for their home network in the living room. A wireless WiFi connection is not always the answer, as it may not have sufficient bandwidth to handle high definition content.

Rather than spend the money to snake wires through the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home, you could use the Powerline technology as an alternative. This lets you use the electrical wiring in your home to carry the network signals. One example is the new TPL-304E adapter from TRENDnet.

This network adapter from TRENDnet uses your home's electrical wires to carry home network signals.

You need a pair of these devices. Plug one into an outlet near your network router, and connect the two with a standard Ethernet cable. Then plug the other device in an outlet near your television (or network device), and use an Ethernet cable to connect them. You now will have a connection that will support up to a 200 Mbps bandwidth connection — faster than most wired home network connections. And setup is simple; just press a button and the devices will configure themselves. You can then install additional adapter in other rooms to expand your home network to other parts of the house. The TPL-340E has indicator LEDs so you can tell its status at a glance, and it even has an additional power outlet so that you don’t lose an outlet in the process.

There are other Powerline adapters available, but whichever you choose, this technology can be the easiest way to extend the reach of your home network.