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Philips HDTV Comes with Solar Powered Remote

November 8, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

This new remote control from Philips uses a solar panel to recharge itself from room light.

The new 42PFL6805 LCD HDTV from Philips boasts a “green” feature that you won’t find on the screen; the set’s remote control has solar panels on the back so that it can recharge using the light available in the room. In my experience, we get a year or two from a set of batteries in our remote control, but I can see how a battery or two a year from millions of TV sets can add up to a significant environmental issue.

The Philips remote is not the first to be solar-powered, but I believe it is the first to be included as a standard feature with a television set. So a tip of the hat to Philips for trying to make a practical contribution to helping the environment. Just don’t lose this remote in your sofa cushions or it will run out of power.