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Another Network Media Player, Plus

October 29, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The Western Digital WD TV Live Hub includes 1 TB of network hard drive storage.

Western Digital has launched another network media player, but this time with a twist. The new WD TV Live Hub includes 1 TB of hard drive storage that can be accessed and shared across your home network. In addition, DLNA support means that it can play video, music, and photos from files stored on computers on your network. It also can connect with Internet streaming sources, including Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, and Pandora, as well as Blockbuster on Demand.

It can output video in 1080p resolution over an HDMI 1.4 connection, and has a pair of USB ports that can be used to connect cameras or other storage devices.

So how much would you pay for an HD network media player that also can hold all your family photos, your videos, and your entire music collection so that you can stream them to any computer in your home? The WD TV Live Hub is available now from Best Buy and from Western Digital’s online store for a list price of $199.99. I figure $100 for the network media player and $100 for the 1 TB external hard drive, which makes this a reasonable price.