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Sears “Black Friday Now” Leaked

October 22, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

According to an article in TWICE, the ad flier for the Sears “Black Friday Now” sale on October 29 and 30 has been leaked. The flier has been posted by, which also included some interesting commentary. They point out that they have gone through the 16-page flier and have determined that instead of blockbuster discounts, the items appear to be priced as usual.

Maybe we need a new term: “blackwashing“. This would apply to retailers who invoke “Black Friday” in their marketing and ad copy, but don’t actually offer anything other than business as usual prices.

Whatever you want to call it, be careful about ads for big sales in consumer electronics, especially before Thanksgiving. I still have no doubt that we’re going to see some dramatic price cuts on products this holiday season, and I’m sure that some retailers will be tempted to jump the gun in order to capture a few more consumer dollars. But just plastering “Black Friday” on a sales flier won’t be a guarantee that you’ll find the bargains in those pages.