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Safety First for Your HDTV

October 5, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

While some people are mounting their flat panel HDTVs on the wall, many still have their sets placed in an entertainment center or sitting on a low table. And these pose a significant safety risk to small children. One study showed that in 2007, almost 17,000 children were admitted to emergency rooms after having furniture or a TV fall on them. This number marked a 41% increase over the number of similar accidents in 1990, which some attribute to the rise in popularity of flat panel HDTVs.

This safety strap from Sanus helps prevent flat panel HDTVs from falling forward, which could injure small children.

Sanus is a leading manufacturer of wall mounts for flat panels, but they have now come out with a product that addresses this safety issue of unmounted HDTVs. They have come up with a Y-shaped strap that attaches two straps to the mounting holes on the back of the set, and then third is secured to the piece of furniture, and then to the wall. As a result, the flat panel is prevented from falling forward.

And how much does this peace of mind cost? In a market segment that tends to have expensive options, the Sanus Elements ELM701 Anti-Tip Strap has a list price of just $24.99. Is your flat panel safe from a curious toddler?