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OLED Screens from Carl Zeiss

September 7, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

You may recognize “Carl Zeiss” as the company that makes excellent optics for cameras and binoculars and telescopes, but the company also makes a head-mounted display system named “cinemizer“. At the recent IFA show, the company revealed an upgraded model that uses OLED panels in the goggles to deliver the images.

Now, the downside is that these goggles are limited to 640 by 480 resolution — that’s standard definition — so you’ll be losing a lot if you try to watch HD content on them. And they’re not inexpensive. And it’s not clear if they will be marketed in the U.S., or just in Europe for now.

But if you’re looking to get a big-screen experience from OLED technology this year, this may be your best bet. Samsung showed their new 7″ Samsung Galazy Tab tablet device at IFA, and revealed that it will only have an LCD screen. After all of Samsung’s brave talk about OLED displays, some may find this disappointing but there are plenty of us who view this news as no surprise. We’re still a long way out from large scale production of OLED displays larger than a cell phone screen.