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5.4 Million 3D Capable HD Displays in 2014: Projectors

August 10, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Pacific Media Associates is a company that tracks the front projector display market, and they have recently released their latest projections. They expect that 5.4 million 3D-capable front projectors will ship in 2014, which is roughly five times as many as are expected to ship this year. While some analysts see the education market as the focal point for these displays, Dr. William Coggshall of Pacific Media Associates sees it differently. With education budgets under severe constraints these days, he sees the consumer market as the source for much of the growth. From gaming to home theater, 3D-capable projectors may be able to compete dollar-for-dollar with large flat panel solutions. He also expects that many of these projectors will not be used for 3D content initially, but as the available content and distribution sources increase, more and more consumers will take advantage of the feature.

With all the emphasis given to flat panel displays, it’s easy to forget about front projection systems. They are not as convenient, as you need to manage light more effectively, but the traditional “home theater” is not found in just the luxury homes that has been their traditional market. As consumers look to get larger and larger images, the front projectors may be able to offer affordable solutions.