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And for Great Deals on HDTVs, Shop Dell?

July 26, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Sure, anyone who works with computers is familar with Dell, the company that built an empire based on online shopping for desktops and notebooks. (They even managed to make us forget Gateway, with their spotted-cow shipping boxes, which is now part of Acer.) But would you think of Dell for your next HDTV?

You might consider it. Over this past weekend, Dell ran a one-day special deal on the Sharp LC-42SB48UT for $549 including free shipping. The price today is back up to $599, but this is still lower than the price charged by many other online retailers for this entry level 42″ LCD HDTV.

Clearly, Dell is making an effort to diversify into consumer electronics, as it carries a variety of digital cameras, MP3 players, and gaming consoles, in addition to a wide selection of televisions. They’re not just computers anymore.