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Get Ready for Black Friday!

July 20, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Can’t you just hear that holiday mall music playing already? Be glad that you’re not running a consumer electronics retailer business, because those folks are already holed up in their war rooms, mapping out strategies for Black Friday sales for this year.

According to a report in TWICE, “manufacturers, retailers and buying groups are already planning aggressive Black Friday promotions that may begin earlier, and last longer, than last year’s extended event period.” It appears that the recession continues to keep household purse strings knotted tightly, and high-end products such as 3DTVs are already piling up in inventory.

Slow sales across the board this summer will set up some aggressive promotions, perhaps starting even before the end of the third quarter. Absent a major turn-around in the unemployment and other economic measures, it looks as though we’re looking at some great bargains by the time we’ve tucked away this year’s turkey.

Remember, there are only 157 days left until Christmas!