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Stylish 3D Glasses

July 15, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I wrote about a future I envision where people would were those “goofy 3D glasses” on a regular basis. Now it appears that I may have been a pessimist in my vision. Marchon Eyewear has announced that it has licensed RealD technology for use in a line of 3D-compatible sunglasses.

New 3D sunglasses from Marchon don't look like the goofy glasses you get at the local cinema.

The glasses will be available through a variety of retail channels, including eye-care professionals who will be able to make them with prescription lenses. And when you go to a local cinema showing a 3D movie using RealD technology, you can just wear your own glasses. Oh, and when you’re outside, the company claims that they will block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Now, these are only passive glasses, and thus won’t work with home 3D-capable HDTVs that require active shutter glasses. But it shows that the 3D phenomenon is real enough for at least one company to start making some styling accessories for it.